Entrepreneuring - A Way Forward (ESF 2009 -2012)

"There are a lot of people who go forward with full speed, and who have enthusiastic attitude for life. It´s a pity that they are mainly under 7 years old”

- Esa Saarinen, a Finnish philosopherIn

Entrepreneuring - a Way Forward project we believe that enterprise education can give a great contribution in gaining back this enthusiasm. The key components of enterprise education are an active individual with initiative, an entrepreneurial learning environment, education and training, and active and enterprise-promoting policy in society.

The focus in Entrepreneuring  - a Way Forward  -project is to create a model of enterprise education in which teachers, entrepreneurs , education  authorities in municipalities and associations of entrepreneurs have a clear role. The foundations for this model are action plans that are created for municipalities.  Enterprise Education Passport is created to support the model.

The goal of the local action programmes is to make enterprise education an attainable method for every teacher and to make it sure that it is not only a matter for some active ones.

Local action programmes of enterprise education include:

  • Description of  the methods and goals of enterprise education for every level of education
  • Models for bringing entrepreneurs to work alongside teachers
  • Creating new models for local needs  

Contact person:    
Ms Heli Kaunisto
                                Project Manager
                                gsm. +358 40 868 0141,  
                                Vocational Education Centre Sedu
                                e-mail: firstname.lastname@sedu.fi